Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How I found Paparazzi!

   My introduction to Paparazzi Accessories was accidental. I had never heard of them until I saw a post on Facebook. I was instantly intrigued! Was this person seriously telling me that I could make money by selling $5 jewelry and accessories?  I started to surf the internet for more info, and what I found was a big YES you can make money with Paparazzi Accessories. 

I was at a point in my job where I wanted to get out and do something else. The stress was taking a toll on my family. The small part time job I had taken to be able to make a little extra money and still be home with my kids, was turning into more hours and more working outside of the home. I needed something that would still provide me with an income and allow me to be home with my children. The more I read about Paparazzi, the more sure I was that it was the job I wanted. I told my husband about it, and at first he was skeptical, but he agreed that it was worth a try. I bought a small kit and when it arrived we opened the box. My husbands first words were "Oh yeah you can definitely sell this and make money". 

 So I got to work. They were right, this stuff does sell itself! I made a Facebook Page for my business, got into some events and a year later my team is growing and I am loving Paparazzi!

Women love this jewelry! I love this jewelry! Best of all it is affordable and gorgeous. If you want a change or just a little something extra then Paparazzi is right for you! Start your own business. Be your own boss. How much you work the business and how much fun you have with it is all up to you!

Paparazzi is such a great product and you can sell it anywhere. House parties, events, office parties, anywhere you want. Our house parties are different from other Direct Sales companies. We have the product on hand. No taking orders, going home to enter them and then having to deliver the product. Your customers come to a party and leave with their purchase. You don't have to do sales pitches or play games. It's all about the Paparazzi and people are excited to come shop at your party. 

Joining is easy! Here is some info:

Become an Independent Consultant for just $40. This unbelievable price gets you Consultant status and allows you to order items at a discount. 

Or start big with:

  SMALL HOME STARTER Kit                             $300*                                                                   

100 pieces of jewelry (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 compensation plan brochures, jewelry repair kit, and the book “Building Your Paparazzi Business”

*Price does not include sales tax and shipping


LARGE HOME PARTY  Kit                            $700*                                                                               
250 pieces of jewelry (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories)
150 sales bags, 75 display hooks, 75 party invitations, 75 receipts, 15 new consultant applications, 15 compensation plan brochures, jewelry repair kit, and the book “Building Your Paparazzi Business”
*Price does not include sales tax and shipping

Ready to join and have some fun?  Click Here! and enter #9508 as your sponsor. Have questions? I'd be happy to answer them, call me at 318-346-9326 or email me at mortal2112@yahoo.com
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